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Pressure Care - Hospital, Aged Care, Hostel & Infirmary Mattresses

Prevent Pressure Ulcers with Our Medical Pressure Sensitive Mattresses (PSM). Perfect for Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Home Care. High Quality and Durable. Keep Your Patients Comfortable and Safe.


Welded Infection Control Waterproof Zip Technology

Formac’s new fully welded, waterproof zip technology provides clear visual inspection of all mattress surfaces and allows for easy internal foam inspection. The fabric cover and zip can be directly cleaned with suitable sterilization chemicals. The now outdated traditional method of concealing non-waterproof zips with a ”flap” allows viscous fluids to get trapped on the underside of the flap. This area is out of sight, rarely cleaned and commonly overlooked. If left without sterilization bacteria quickly form in the warm dark pocket under the flap. The pocket under the flap is difficult to clean as the flap must be lifted up and turned inside out to access the area. In time critical environments this area gets forgotten and thus compromises the infection control properties of the mattress and poses an infection control threat to patients.




WoundCare PSM

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WoundCare Safety PSM

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WoundCare Low Weight PSM

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