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Flame Retardant Correctional and Prison Mattresses - Exclusive to Formac

The Formac Sandel Cell Mattress

FORMAC'S unparalleled experience in correctional bedding continues after over 50 years of supply, research and development . We continue to lead the way in correctional bedding solutions with innovative and practical solutions.

Sandel International, Inc.

SANDEL International, Inc is the manufacturer of SANDEL fabric and Formac is the exclusive supplier of Sandel proprietary waterproof, non-flammable, Correctional/Prison mattresses that stop fire and provide complete cell mattress hygiene.

SANDEL is recognised internationally as the most cost-effective and versatile of high-performance fire mattress barrier textiles. SANDEL fabric will not ignite or burn. SANDEL fabric also will not melt, drip, rot or emit toxic smoke. SANDEL fabric has many additional qualities that give designers and engineers tremendous flexibility. SANDEL fabric is waterproof and breathable. Products utilising SANDEL fabric can be made lighter, thinner, more durable, more resistant to chemicals, and totally resistant to mildew, fungi, and bacteria.

The FORMAC SANDEL CELL MATTRESSES intrinsic non-flammable properties benefit all institutions that face the risk of fire AND the challenges of infection control.

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